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District Dance Academy is dedicated to helping you progress as efficiently, and comfortably as possible with full length tutorial right on your phone or computer! Sometimes it can be tough to get to class, or simply remember all the details you learned in class, but now you can learn, practice and get inspired anytime you like!

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We believe that learning is so much easier when you can move at your own pace, review as you like and get inspired by professionals you love!who truly LOVE teaching you to dance!

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West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

Modern Music & Smooth Style



Vintage Music & Energetic Vibe

Tango Barre

Tango Barre

Leg Work Practiced Solo



Beginner & Advanced



Electronic Music & Footwork Focused



Disco/Pop Music & Bold Styling

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Well, with nearly all of us confined to our houses, I bet you are just about sick of hearing about online subscriptions, at-home workouts, and “our response to covid-19”. But, I am going to test your patience here and keep talking to you about online dance classes. I know I am on thin ice but don’t worry, I promise not to mention the words “unprecedented times”…

In mid-Novemeber (2020) we announced the launch of our brand new online dance program “District Dance Academy Online”. As far as small-businesses-adapting-and-moving-to-the online-platform-during-a global-pandemic goes, you could say that we were a little late to the party. This is because we wanted to be sure this was the right move for our students and for our business. We wanted to be sure we could deliver an online dance program that was safe, effective, worthy of your time and money, and mirrors the culture and community of our academy.

Whilst we have had a lot of interest and support from our community, we also know, that with the current information overload we are all experiencing, we wouldn’t blame you if you briefly glanced at the information about online classes and thought “ugh, this all too hard.” We can understand why you might feel overwhelmed and under enthused about adapting and changing yet another aspect of your life. Trust us when we say we understand and that we feel exactly the same way. We even considered for a minute, not offering online classes and instead, waiting out this storm and only returning to the studio to teach.

When we decided to push aside our own doubts and fears, which were mostly personal and not related to the school (so likely what you are feeling now) we explored what the benefits of providing online classes would be. Yes, for us as a business but mostly how we would be impacting our community. So if you’re unsure, just like we were, about pursuing a dance education online, here are just a few reasons to give it a go.

  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: This one is the most obvious and probably doesn’t need to be said but exercise and staying active is important for not only physical health but mental health and emotional wellbeing too. The department of health recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

  • A SENSE OF NORMALITY AND ROUTINE: Many of us thrive off routine and structure. Whilst in isolation, it’s important to maintain as much structure as possible, and scheduling your usual weekly dance class will help with this. You may also find when you're ready to return to the studio, that you're more mentally prepared to return to dance class then you would be if they had spent months not participating in a class.
  • IT ENSURES THEY WON’T FALL BEHIND: We will continue to build on our technique, skills, musicality, and confidence. Dancers are known for their determination and work ethic. They owe it to themselves to not only continue with their growth and improvement but to also maintain the skillset they have already built. Not participating in the class does not only mean they miss out on “what’s next” but an extended period of time without dance can mean a loss of strength, flexibility, and technique. Just think how you feel when you miss a week or 2 of going to the gym.
  • YOU WILL FEEL CONFIDENT RETURNING TO CLASS: Missing class for an extended period of time can dampen confidence and self-esteem. Returning to the studio after weeks or months of not dancing can be daunting or stressful. If you participate in online classes you will feel ready to return to the studio, knowing that you haven’t missed out!
  • IT TEACHES YOU TO BE ADAPTABLE: It is such an important life skill to be able to say “the show will go on!” when life throws you a curveball. Our students will come out of this situation strong, versatile, and adaptable, knowing that there is always a plan B.
  • IT TEACHES YOU TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LEARNING: What a great opportunity to take ownership of your motivation and energy. Dragging yourself off the couch and switching from “free time mode” to “dance mode” takes real strength. Being a self-motivator is a great skill to have and one that builds up over time. After this experience, you will be further motivated to practice dancing at home because you are familiar, comfortable, and well-practiced in doing so.
  • IT KEEPS YOU CONNECTED: We hold a strong reputation for the community and family feel that runs throughout our school. Every student is valued, special, and is an important member of our dancing family. The friendships created in the studio are their own kind of special. Dialing into class each week will help you feel connected to our community, will further develop your sense of belonging, and will help you maintain the beautiful friendships you have built at dancing as well as their relationship with your teachers.
  • DANCING IS YOUR HAPPY PLACE: Dancing brings joy! Our students have already sacrificed so much of what makes them happy already, birthday parties, school, seeing friends, visiting family, dance trips… by providing online dance classes we are ensuring there is just one less thing you have to give up. We hope that not only will we be assisting in continue your growth and education, but that we will be supporting your happiness too.

It is hard to believe that we ever considered not offering online dance classes as an option when the benefits of doing so are undeniable. In this trying time, offering online dance classes at an affordable, discounted rate is our way of supporting our community and our students. We understand that you might find this new concept a little overwhelming, so we are here to help you through it. If you have any questions or need help setting up your tech or dance space. Please get in touch so that we can continue to support you. Dancing is our happy place and that doesn’t have to change. We are working harder than ever to keep delivering the joy of dance.



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