who only teach what makes their souls come alive.


District Dance Academy


We believe that getting stronger in our mind and bodies begins with the passion in our souls to achieve our personal best. That’s why we built a team of instructors who get excited when they see people grow, get better, and push past excuses. Imagine being taught by dance instructors that are inspired to get out of bed in the morning to do what they love — teaching people like you. Imagine working with a coach that gets fulfillment from seeing you become your best. That’s our District Dance Academy team.

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We are determined to pair you with an instructor that is the perfect fit for your learning style and dance needs! We've developed three distinct instructor categories to help describe where our different instructors concentrate their passions. These categories do not relate to their expertise, but instead what type of student they prefer to foster.



These instructors are your new best friends! Growers live to help new dancers cross the sometimes terrifying bridge to enjoying movement! They are some of the kindest, most welcoming people you'll ever meet and are sure to make you feel right at home. Their teaching style is patient and easy to understand, and their private lesson rates are more accessible.



These coaches are here to help you get past your limits! Your success is their success, and they are in this together with you, whether you're thinking about entering the competition scene or you're just trying to get better than your previous self. Their teaching style is focused on training your body to execute dance technique and styling mindlessly so you can focus on your partner and the music.



These instructors are champions and world title holders in their craft — truly some of the world's greatest dancers and instructors. They travel the world training, competing, and judging the most recent techniques and trends. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to help you reach your dancing goals. Their teaching style is fast paced, technical, and made to challenge you to be the best dancer you can be.


Meet Maryanka Alsina

FAVE CATCH PHRASE: "The truth is out there!"

WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN HER: Following fashion designers, and making sure everything is perfect for the students at DDA!

KNOWN FOR: Her fierceness.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Shoes! So so many shoes!

MANAGES: Everything related to District Dance Academy. Have a concern? Find me - I can handle any situation.

SHE WANTS YOU TO KNOW: You can count on me. Can I count on you? Loyalty begins with you, to you and then to others. Words that not imitate your actions, are just meaningless words. Let your actions be the forefront of your character.


Meet Hugo & Stacy

FAVE CATCH PHRASE: "Don't let your excuses limit you from your goals"

WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN THEM: In the Top 5 at the US Open Swing Championships, as well as all over social media and Youtube!

KNOWN FOR: His contagious laugh. Her on-point lipstick.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Netflix and donuts

TEACHES: West Coast Swing

THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW: We were all once beginners with two left feet. If we can learn to dance well, you can too!


Meet Alisa Burkina

FAVE CATCH PHRASE: "Don't wish for it work for it”

WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN HER: Rising Star American Smooth Championship Finals. International Tango festivals around the world. Em Rossi’s music video “Young Hearts”.

KNOWN FOR: Sharp leg action and bubbly personality!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Tango heels and baking.

TEACHES: Argentine Tango, Tango Barre, Salsa, Ballroom, Wedding Choreography

SHE WANT YOU TO KNOW: Be aware, dancing is addictive.


Meet Brooklyn Lanham

FAVE CATCH PHRASE: "If you fall I'll be there" -Ground

WHERE HAVE YOU SEEN HER: Traveling the national West Coast Swing circuit competing in Allstar and Rising Star Routines.

KNOWN FOR: Her crazy one-piece romper outfits on the competition floor!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Red wine and improv comedy

TEACHES: WCSwing, Shuffle, HipHop and Ballroom

SHE WANTS YOU TO KNOW: It’s important for you to take more chances and dance more dances!


Meet Benjamin Castellano

FAVE CATCH PHRASE: "When you search your feelings, you know it to be true."

WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN HIM: The ballroom and Latin competition circuit as a professional and as a pro-am teacher.

KNOW FOR: His fancy dance skills.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Cosplay and comic conventions

TEACHES: Ballroom and WCSwing

HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW: "I love teaching and encouraging people to reach their full potential!"


Meet Forrest Outman

WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN HIM: Writing the Ask A Historian section for American Dancer Magazine

KNOWN FOR: Exceedingly long rants about antiquated dances

GUILTY PLEASURE: Carbs...mostly in the shape of pizza.

TEACHES: Lindy-Hop, ECSwing and Ballroom

HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW: "Dance is what you make of it, never loose sight of what inspires you or the pure joy of expression and connecting with others."


Meet Cody Flowers

FAVE CATCH PHRASE: "Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time."

WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN HIM: Line dance events like Fun in the Sun and Line Dance Marathon. Also competing in the United States Line Dance Choreography Championship

KNOWN FOR: His infectious smile and giving the best hugs

GUILTY PLEASURE: Netflix and collecting penguins

TEACHES: Line Dancing

HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW: "It's never too late to start dancing. Just start!"


Meet Hugo Miguez

FAVE CATCH PHRASE: "Make an effort, not an excuse."

WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN HIM: All over social media and YouTube, as well as late night practices at the studio

KNOWN FOR: Making difficult moves easy to learn.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Plantain chips and mango juice!

TEACHES: Hip-Hop & Salsa

HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW: "It doesn’t matter where you are in your dance journey. My class is open to anyone who wants to explore new styles and movements and train hard to better themselves as a dancer!”


Meet Bruno & Fae

FAVE CATCH PHRASE: "Zouk it like it's hot!

WHERE YOU HAVE SEEN THEM: At like... every Zouk Congress in the US! They are the most winning US couple in Jack and Jills.

KNOWN FOR: Her sassy attitude and his sense of humor

GUILTY PLEASURE: Gaming, movies, and pizza

TEACHES: Brazilian Zouk

THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW: "Zouk is for everyone!"



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